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At a General Assembly of the State of Connecticut, holden at Hartford, in said State, on the first Wednesday of May, in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and forty-nine:

Resolved, That the Secretary of State be authorized to purchase for the use of the State, two hundred and fifty copies of a publication of the Public Records of the Colony of Connecticut, prior to the union with New Haven colony, under the Charter of 1662. Provided, that such publication shall be made with the approval, and under the supervision of the Secretary, and shall be authenticated by his official certificate as a true and literal copy of the original record ; and provided also, that the expense of the same shall not exceed two dollars per copy ; and that the literal copy of the original record, above specified, be deposited with the Secretary of State, for the use of the State.

Resolved, Tliat the copies so purchased be distributed by the Secretary, as follows ; one copy to the town clerk of each town in this State, to be preserved in his office, for the use of the town ; one copy to the Governor and to each of the State Officers of this State ; one copy to the Gov- ernor of each of the several states and territories, of the United States; one copy to the library of Congress ; and the remainder of said two hundred and fifiy copies, to be deposited in the office of the Secretary of State, subject to the disposal of the General Assembly.





The early annals of a State require no formal introduction to the descendants of its founders. If the transcriber have well accom- plished the task which a love of the olden time impelled him to undertake, and which the liberality of the Legislature supplied, in part, the means of prosecuting, no doubt can exist as to the favorable reception of the volume now presented to the citizens of Connecticut. The value which may attach to it must, of course, mainly depend upon the degree of confidence entertained in its accuracy as a ' true, full and literal copy of the original Record.' The professions or assurances of the transcriber, could do little to impart such confi- dence ; nor could they give additional weight to the certificate of official authentication, or to such internal evidence of reliability as, it is hoped, a careful perusal of the volume may supply.

A notice of the condition and arrangement of the original records, and of the plan adopted by the transcriber in the construction of this work, may not, however, be deemed inappropriate.

The first volume of the Colony Records is in three parts, origin- ally bound in as many separate volumes. The first of these consists of the records of the General and Particular Courts, commencing with the session held at Newtown, (Hartford,) April 26th, 1636, (by the magistrates commissioned by Massachusetts, to ' govern the people at Connecticut,'*) and closing with the December session of the Court of Magistrates, 1649. Next following, (separated by a few blank pages from the Court Records,) are the records of Wills

* The commission " to several! persons, to govern the people at Connecticutt for the space of a year [then] next coming," was granted by tlie General Court of Massachusetts, March 3d, 1635(6,) after consultation with John Winthrop, then lately " appointed governor by certain noble personages and men of quality, interested in the said River, which are yet in England." The commissioners named were Roger Ludlow Esq., William Pincheon Esq., John Steele, Wil- liam Swaine, Henry Smith, William Phelps, William Westwood and Andrew Ward. See the commission, at length, in Hazard's State Papers, Vol. 1, p. 321.


and Inventories. The remainder of the volume contains Grants and Conveyances of Lands, by towns and individuals, some of which are of as recent date as 1702 ; the greater part, however, having been transcribed from the several town records, between 1662 and 1690. These have not been included in the present publication, the propo- sed limits of which would not admit of their insertion, and the omission being regarded of the less importance, as copies of most of them are to be found elsewhere, and as the interest which attaches to them is mainly local or personal. Six pages of recognizances and bonds for prosecution, of various years, entered at the begin- ning of the volume, preceding the first page of the Court records, have likewise been omitted, in publication.

The second volume contains the records of the General Court from February, 1650, to October, 1669; and at the other end of the book, separately paged, is recorded the Code of 1650, with such ad- ditional orders ' of general concernment,' as were, from time to time, passed by the General Court.

The second volume of the records of the Particular Court, or Court of Magistrates, comprising a period of about thirteen years, (from January, 1650, to June, 1663,) and including the Probate Records, long since disappeared from the Secretary's Office, and is supposed to be irrecoverably lost. The third volume, commencing June, 1663, and containing, at one end, such Wills and Inventories as were brought for record between that date and Sept. 1677, was, some years since, rebound, and lettered, " Probate Records, Vol. III. County Court."

In transcribing the first volume for the press, occasional changes of its arrangement have been deemed advisable, for the purpose of facilitating reference, and to preserve chronological sequence. Thus, the Constitution of 1639, has been transposed from the end of the volume, to its proper place, preceding the record of the April Court :* the wills and inventories recorded prior to 1644, have been brought together, at the end of the Court Records, and placed with others subsequently recorded :f the records of such sessions of the Court as were entered by the Secretary after others of subsequent date, have been restored to their proper order. These, with other similar changes, have been made with less hesitation, from the fact that the paging of the original has been carefully retained, at the side of each printed page.

Pages 20-26. t See note, on page 442.


The names of magistrates and deputies, and of jurors in the sev- eral courts, are, in the original, recorded on the margins of the pages. To retain this arrangement, in the printed copy, would have been, on many accounts, inconvenient. The names of the members of the court have therefore been placed, in double columns, at the com- mencement of each session.

While the orthography of the original has been preserved through- out, it has not seemed necessary to adhere as closely to the anoma- lous punctuation, or the use of capital letters, practised by the early recorders. To have done so would have increased the difficulties of perusal and materially detracted from the interest of the volume to the general reader. Yet the liberty taken in these particulars has been cautiously used, and in all cases where the sense of the original could be affected by the change of position or interpolation of a comma or period, the record has been printed precisely as orig- inally punctuated.

The more common abbreviations employed in the work, require no explanation. Nor will it be necessary to inform those who are at all conversant with old manuscripts, that a single m or n, with a cir- cumflex or dash above it, (m or fi) was frequently substituted for the double consonant ; or that the same mark placed above a vowel indi- cated the omission of the consonant, (usually m or n,) immediately following ; (as fro {ov from, tio for tion, at the end of a word.)

Where portions of the original are wholly or in part obliterated, the missing words (when obviously indicated by the context,) have been supplied by the transcriber. Such words are, in all cases, included in brackets. If the word to be supplied has seemed at all doubtful, or if the record could possibly have admitted of a different reading, the portion in brackets has been italicized or is followed by a mark of interrogation. In a few instances, where a slip of the recorder's pen has occasioned an evident error in the original, the correction has been suggested in a foot note, or indicated by an itali- cized word, placed in brackets, with an interrogation mark.

In two instances only, slight changes have, for obvious reasons, been made in the language of the record. In one case, (on page 55,) a few words, (in brackets,) have been substituted, as of less excep- tionable phraseology than the original : in the other, (on page 157,) the omission of a line is indicated by a note at the foot of the page.

Such extracts from the Records of the United Colonies as have been occasionally introduced in the notes and appendix, have been made from the manuscript (cotemporary) copy preserved i/i the Sec-


retary's Office. Numerous errors, especially in dates and names, occur in the copjr of these records published in the second volume of Hazard's State Papers, to which publication, however, it has in some cases been found convenient to refer, by page.

When the publication of this volume was first proposed by the transcriber, and at the time of securing a legislative appropriation for its encouragement, an accurate copy of the original was all that was contemplated. In the course of publication, however, the lib- erty has been taken of introducing an occasional note, explanatory or illustrative of the text, and a number of interesting historical documents, not previously published, have been included in an Ap- pendix. Two Indexes, of names and subjects, have also been pre- pared, which, if less copious and complete than the antiquarian or genealogist could wish, it is hoped may in some degree facilitate their researches, and aid the general reader to refer to the contents of the volume. Fac-similes of the autographs of members of the first Court of Election under the Constitntion of 1639, and of Magis- trates chosen at the Union of the Colonies, in 1665, have been pre- pared with all possible care and accuracy, from originals collected in part from early files in the State Department, and in part from the town records of Hartford, Wethersfield and Windsor. Fac-similes of portions of the original records, in the hand writing of each of the secretaries* who held office prior to the Union, have also been intro- duced. These additions, and the consequent increase of the cost of publication, will account for the advance upon the original subscrip- tion price, at which the remainder of the edition is offered to non- subscribers.

However imperfectly the task of the transcriber may have been accomplished, it is hoped that succeeding Legislatures may not thereby be deterred from lending their aid to the prosecution of a work, alread)'' too long delayed, of which this volume is to be re- garded only as the commencement ; that of giving to the public, in

* A reference (upon the fac-siinile, facing page 9,) to John Steel, as 'Secretary' of the col. ony, from 1636 to J639, may require a word of explanation, as his appointment to that office is no where mentioned in the record. A comparison of the first pages of the Colony Records with the early records of Hartford and Farmington, during the period Mr. Steel was recorder of those towns, leaves no doubt of the identity of the hand writing. The chirography of Mr. S. was eomewhsit peculiar (as may be seen by inspection of the fac-simile of an unusually legible speci- men of it,) and cannot well be mistaken. The first four, part of the fifth, and the tenth pages of the first volume are in this hand. Pages six to nine, inclusive, are in a different, and far more legible hand, possibly that of Mr. Clement Chaplin, whom Dr. Trumbull concludes (in Hist, of Conn., 1. 95,) to have been "the first secretary." There are, however, upon all of these pages, occasional interlineations and additions, in the hand writing of Mr. Steel.


a permanent form, and thus securing the preservation of all the early records of the Colony, prior to 1700, together with such co- temporary documents of historical value or interest, as are preserved in the State Department. These latter constitute a large portion, indeed, almost all that yet remains to us, of the documentary history of the colony for the first half cetitury succeeding its settlement. Of comparatively few of them are copies, even in manuscript, extant, and the loss or injury of the originals would therefore be utterly irre- parable. And yet, whatever precautions may be taken to ensure their preservation, by placing them beyond the reach of ordinary accident, no care can enable them much longer to withstand the ravages of time. As the ink fades and the paper crumbles, the work of transcribing not only becomes more difficult, but leads to less accurate and reliable results. Whatever is to be done to per- petuate these early annals of our state and memorials of its founders, should be done soon.

J. H. T.

Hartford, March 1st, 1850.



Records of the General and Particular Courts, from April, 1636, to

December, 1649, [from Vol. I., pp. 1-209.J ... 1

Records of the General Court, from Feb., 1650, to May, 1665,

[from Vol. II., pp. 1-205.] ... 204 Record of Wills and Inventories, 1640 to 1649,— [from Vol. I.] 442

Code of Laws, established by the General Court, May, 1650, . 509

Certificate of the Secretary of State, 554

Appendix :

No. I. Letter from Sir Wm. Boswell, relating to encroach- ments of the Dutch, 565

No. II. The articles of combination with Southampton, (L. I.) 566 No. III. Respecting the agreement with Mr. Fenwick, . 568

No. IV. The claims of Massachusetts to the Pequot country, 570

No. Y. Letter from Connecticut to Easthampton, . . 572

No. VI. Respecting the settlement of accounts with Capt. John

Cullick, 573

No. VII. Abstract of the will of George Fenwick, . . . 574 No. VIII. Letter to the Comm'rs of the U. Colonies, complaining

of affronts received from the Narragansetts, . 576

No. IX. Letters from Mr. William Goodwin, respecting Gov.

Hopkins' Legacy, 578

No. X. Instructions to Gov. Winthrop, agent for procuring the Charter ; Address to the King ; and Letter to the

Earl of Manchester, 579

No. XL Petition of Mrs. Ehzabeth Culhck, to the General

Court, 1663, 585

No. XII. List of documents relating to the Union with New

Haven, 586

Index of Names, .' 591

General Index, 597


[volume I.] [1] A CoRTE HODDEN ATT NeWTON 26 APR. 1636.

Roger Ludlowe Esqr., Mr. Westwood, Mr. Steele, Mr. Warde.

Mr. Phelpes,

It was now complayned y* Henry Stiles or some of the ser- [vants] had traded a peece w^'i the Indians for Corne. It is ordered y^ [the] saide Henry Stiles shall, betweene & the next Cort, regaine [the] saide peece from the saide Indians in a faire & legall waye, or els this Corte will take it into fmiher consideracon.

It is ordered y* from henceforth none y* are w^hin the Juris- dic[tion] of this Cort, shall trade w^ii the natiues or Indians any peece or pistoll or gunn or powder or shott, vnder such heavie penalty as -vppon such misdemeanor the Corte shall thinke meete.

Constables sworne, for Dorchester, Newtowne & Water- towne, for this next yeere and vntill newe be chosen, are Henry Walcott for Dorchester, Samuell Wakema for Newtowne <fe Daniell Finch for Watertowne.

Whereas there be divers strange Swine in the seui'all plant- aeons yt their owners are not knowen & yet doe & are likelie to Comitt many trespasses. It is therefore ordered y* the saide plantacons shall forthw^ii take notice of them & their markes, & giue speedy notice amonge the plantacons both of them &c their mi'kes & if in a fortenight noe owners come forth then the saide plantacons or plantacon where such Swine are, may appraise them att a value & sell them & take the money to 2


some publicke vse of the saide plantacon, vnlesse their doe w^hin one whole yeere after app"" a true owner & then the money it was sould for is to be restored, poinded alwaies y* when the owner app»' before the money or Swine be redeUu^'ed there be deducted such SoiTies & Chardges & trespasses as haue beene comitted & expended in & aboute him or them.

It is hkewise ordered if any Swine stray from oute their owne Plantacon into another they shalbe subiect [to] the orders y^ are there made concerninge Swine.

Whereas there was a dismission granted by the C[hurch] of Waterton in the Masachusetts, dated 29^^ of Ma[ ] last to An- drewe Warde, Jo : Sherman, Jo : Stickland, Rob'te Coo, Rob'te Reynold & Jonas Weede, w^h intent to fbrme a newe in a Ch : Coveniite in this River of Conectecott, the saide p'ties haue soe accordingly done w^i^ the publicke allowance of the rest of the members of the saide Churches, as by certificate nowe prduced apprs. It is therefore in this p^sent Cort ratified & confirmed, they p^missing shortlie publicquely to renewe the [said] Covennte vppon notice to the rest of the Churches.


Mr. Ludlowe, Mr. Westwood,

Mr. Steele, Mr. Warde.

Mr. Phelpes, Whereas, the last Corte Henry Stiles was ordered to regaine [a] peece he had traded w^h the Indians w^^ doth not appf that he hath done. It is ordered that a warr* shalbe directed to him to prforme the same by the next Cort & and then p>-son- ally to app'' [&] answere his neglect,

; It is ordered yt there shalbe a sufficient Watch maynte[ined] in every towne & yt the Constable of each Towne shall d[uly] warne the same & see y* the inhabitants or residents doe seu^ally in their Turne observe the same accordinge as [the] Inhabitants doe agree, w«h said watch shall begin & end w^ the Courte or magistrates shall thinke meete.

It is ordered yt Samuell Wakeman & Geo : Hubberd shall [survey] the breadth of the plantacon of Dorchester howe


farre [it] shall extend aboue Mr. Stiles & shall certifie vnto the [next] Corte their pfceedinges herein to th' end it may be then confirmed, and y*^ they shall haue from the saide Towne satisfaccon for their paines. And the saide Samuell Wake[man] shall doe the Uke for Watertowne in their bredth toward [the] mouth of the River & have the like satisfaccon. And this done w^iiout faile before the next Corte vppon peine [ofj 40*'^ shillinges of each heade y^ shall faile therein.

It is ordered that every souldier in each plantacon shall haue in his howse in a readines before th' end of August next twoe pounde of powder, & y* they shall shew it to the Constable whenever he shall call them vnto it vppon the penalty of Xs. for every failure w^h is presentlie to be le[vied] by the saide Con- stable w^hout [resistance] as alsoe 20 bul[letts of leade in the like readines vppon the same penalty and in the same manner to be levied.]

[2] A Corte held att Watertowne T^"", 1636. Roger Ludlowe Esq''., Mr. Wm. Phelps,

Mr. Jo : Steele, Mr. Wm. Westwoode,

Mr. Wm. Swaine, Mr. Andr: Warde.

It is ordered y^ the order concerninge Powder & BuUetts, of the 7th of June last be nowe p^sentlie published in the seu''all plantacons & y* there be respite given vntill th'end of this instant moneth & then to be putt in execucon w^^^out faile.

Whereas there was tendered to vs an Inventory of the estate of Mr. Jo : Olda w^^ seemed to bee somewhat vncerteinely valued, wee therefore thinke meete to, & soe it is ordered, that Mr. Jo : Plum & Rich : Gildersleeue togeather w^h the Con- stable shall survey the saide Inventory and prfect the same be- fore the next Corte & then to deliu"^ it into the Corte.

It is ordered y* Thurston Rayner as he hath hitherto done soe shall continue to looke to &c p""serue the Corne of Mr. Olda & shall inn* the same in a seasonable tyme & shall bringe an Accompt the next Cort what quantitie there is of it as alsoe of his labor & then the Cort will out of the same allott vnto him soe many bushells as shalbe reasonable for his paines &

'Inn ; to house, to put under cover. Webster.


labor. And in the meane if he hath vse of some for his owne spendinge to take some w^h shalbe then deducted out of what wilbe due to him. And then the Cort will give finall order con- cerninge the same.

It is ordered y* every plantacon shall traine once in every moneth, & if vppon complainte of their military officer it app" that there bee divers very vnskilfuU the sayde plantacon may appointe the officer to traine oftenerthe saide vnskillfull. And yt the saide military officer take veiwe of their seu'all Armes whether they be seruiceable or noe. And for default of every souldiers absent the absent to paye 5s. for every tyme w^J^out lawfuU excuse w^hin 2 dayes after tendered to the Com^s or one of them in the saide plantacon. And for any default in Armes vppon warnings to them by the saide officer to amend the same &; a tyme sett & if not then amended by the tyme ap- pointed, Is. every tyme. And where Armes are wholly want- inge to be bounde over to answere it at the next Corte.

Whereas it applied by a wrytinge vnder hand of Mr. Olda that twoe of the mares y* are nowe seized vppon by DanielJ Finch Constable of Watertowne, as Mr. Oldames goodes, are the goodes of Mr. Tho : Allen. And therefore it is ordered that the said mares shalbe deliu'ed to the saide Mr. Allen into his owne possession or his assignes.

It is ordered by consent of S^ieant Seely pi* against the inhabitants of the Towne of Watertowne deft'S, yt a Jurer shalbe w^^^drawen, and y* the defts doe vndertake to p^'duce aijt order wherein they will make it appJ" yt it was ordered yt if the inhabitants of the saide Towne did not remoue w^^ their Families to Conectecott by th' end of this instant moneth or els there was noe pi'priety due to them in the devident of the landes of the saide Towne & y*^ the hand or the consent of the saide Willm Bassum is herevnto. And if the saide order be not pt'duced here to the Corte by the 2^ Cort after this the, Inhabitants are to pay the pl^^ damages.

The first of November, 1636. ' S^ieant Seely pl<^«. Inhabitants of Watertowne defts. The Jury finde for the pl^e that hee is to have as an adven-


turer & as a man that was in the Condicon that Bassam vnder whom he claymed was in. ^

Guilford, June 16 : 1665.* This is to certify unto all whom it may concerne, that vpon his certaine knowledge, by the advice of the Court, Wethersfeild men gaue so much unto Sowheag as was to his sattisfaction for all their plantations lyeing on both sides the great Riuer, w"'^the Islands, viz. six miles in bredth on both sides the Riuer, & six miles deep from the River westward, and three miles deep from the Riuer eastward. Thus testifyeth George Hubbard. By me George Hubbard.

Taken upon oath Before me Willm Leete ;

This is a true coppy of the originell being examined & com- pared therewith this 18 of May, 1667, p' me

John Allyn: Secret'y.

[3] A CoRTE HELD ATT Newe Towne 8^' 4^0, 1636.

Mr. Ludlowe, Mr. Phelpes,

Mr. Swaine, Mr. Westwoode,

Mr. Steele, Mr. Warde.

It is ordered that a Warrant be directed to Daniell Finch to suinon Rich : Gildersleeue to app' the next Corte or other meetinge of the Com" to bringe in an Inventory of Mr. Old- ames estate w<=h was sometyme in his handes as alsoe to smTion any other to appf that hath in his handes or canne declare where any of th' estate of the saide Mr. Olda is yt is not as yet revealed.

A Corte held att Newe Towne Novemb'', 1636. Mr. Ludlowe, Mr. P.helps,

Mr. Pyncheon, Mr. Westwoode,

Mr. Swaine, Mr. Warde.

Mr. Steele, It is ordered that Sneant Seely shall betweene this & the next Corte consider of such noates & Inventories as haue come to his handes or knowledge concerninge the estate of

* This certificate, is inairtod at the foot of the 2cl Page of the original, in tlie hand writing of Mr. Allyn.



Mr. Oldam &, then deliuer them into the Corte vppon oath &. iupthe meane to pi'duce any noate or Inventory to Mr. Swayne & Mr. Warde that he hath or cann come by y* may make for the furtherance of the discouery of the estate of the saide Mr Olda, to th' end the Cort may then p^ceede in yt business as they shall see cause.

It is ordered #y* S^ieant Stickland is to haue for 7 days ser- uice to the Rivers mouth, aboute Cattle of Mr. Michell & the lo : or their Agents, 21s. The rest y* went in the same seruice 14s. a peece, every Plantacon to defray the chardge of their owne men for the pi'sent &c yt the constables shall make a rate to that purpose.

It is ordered that Mr. Clement Chaplin shall take into his Custody the goodes of Mr. Oldam deceased, according to an Inventory in Corte & in the Custody of Daniell Finch & he the saide Mr. Chaplin is to be responsiue for them as the Corte shall thinke meete, & if the saide Mr. Chaplin thinke meete he may sell them or any of them.

It is ordered y^ Jo : Reeues is to retorne to his M'', Mr. Stiles whoe hath his Indenture & the saide Mr Stiles is to pay Willin Quicke 15s. for his passage, if not the C[orte] will take order in the same as they shall see meete.

A Corte at New Towne 27 Dec. 1636. Mr. Ludlowe, Mr. Westwoode,

Mr. Swaine, Mr. Phelps,

Mr. Steele, Mr. Warde.

It is ordered y* Daniell Finch shall haue for sixe dayes im- ploym* about Mr. Oldames estate & a Corte 13s. 6.

It is ordered yt Mr. Clement Chaplin shall diligenthe inquire after any the goodes of Mr. Oldam deceased & if there bee any p>-son or p^sons yt he can finde y^ hath or hadd any of the saide goodes in his handes & will not deliur the same nor an Inventory of them he may sumon him or them to app>" the next Corte to answere the same.

It is ordered yt all the Creditors of Mr. Olda in the River of Conectecott bringe in their debts before the next Corte or


e[ls] he shall not be deemed as a Crediter in th' estate that is now extant.

21 Febr. 1636. Mr. Ludlowe, Mr Phelps,%

Mr. Steele, Mr. Westwoode.

Mr. Swaine,

Whereas it was ordered y* Samuel Wakeman, Geo : Hub- bert, & Anncient Stoughton were to consider of the boundes of Dorchester towarde the Falls & of Watertowne towards the mouth of the River ; The saide Samuell Wakeman & [Geo :] Hubberd thinkes meete y* the plantacon of Dorchester shall extend towards the Falls, on the same side the plantacon standes, to a Brooke called Kittle Brooke & soe over the greate River vppon the same line that Newe Towne & Dorchester doth betweene them. And soe it is ordered by the Corte.

It is ordered that the plantacon nowe called Newtowne shal be called &, named by the name of Harteford Towne, likewise the plantacon now called Watertowne shalbe called & named Wythersfeild.

Samuell Wakeman & Ancient Stoughton doe thinke meete that the boundes of Wythersfeild shalbe extended toward the Rivers mouth in the same side it standes in to a Tree sixe miles downeward from the boundes between them & Harteford [marked w^h] N : F : & to [runn in an east] & west line, [& over] the great River, the saide Wythersfeild to begin att [4] the mouth of Pewter pott Brooke & there to runn due east into the Countrey 3 miles & downeward sixe miles in breadth, wh is ordered accordingly.*

It is ordered yt the plantacon called Dorchester shalbee called Windsor.

The boundes betweene Weathersfeild 6c Harteford are agreed on the side wherein they stand to be att a Tree mi'ked N : F : ■& to w<=h the Pale of the saide Harteford is fixed, to goe into the

* The words in brackets, (now illegible In the original Record) are here supplied from a cer- tified copy of this and the next preceding order, made in 1708. Towns & Lands, Vol. iv. Doc. No. 1.


Countrey due east & on the other side of the greate River from Pewter pott Brook att the lower side of Hocanno due east into the Countrey, w^h is nowe ordered accordingly.

The boundes betweene Harteford & Windsor is agreed to be att the vpper end of the greate meadowe of the saide Harteford toward Windsor att the Pale that is nowe there sett vpp by the saide Hartefo# wii is abuttinge vppon the great River vppon a due east line & into the Countrey from the saide Pale vppon a due west line as paralell to the saide east line as farr as they have now paled & afterward the boundes to goe into the Coun- trey vppon the same west line. But it is to be soe much shorter towards Windsor as the place where the Girte that comes alonge att th' end of the saide meadowe & falls into the saide greate River is shorter then their Pale & over the saide greate *Riuer the saide Plantacon of Windsor is to come to the River- etts mouth that falls into the saide greate River of Conectecott and there the saide Harteford is to runn due east into the Coun- trey, w^h is ordered accordingly.

It is ordered j^ noe yonge man yt is neither maried nor hath any servaunte, & be noe publicke officer, shall keepe howse by himself, w^^out consent of the Towne where he Hues first, had, vnder paine of 20s. p^ weeke.

It is ordered y* noe M"^ of a Family shall giue habitacon or interteinment to any yonge man to soiourne in his family but by the allowance of the inhabitants of the saide Towne where he dwelles vnder the like penalty of 20s. p"" weeke. These 2 last orders to take effect the first of Aprill next.

Att a Cort att Harteford, Mi"ch 28th, 1637.

Mr. Ludlowe, Mr. Steele,

Mr. Welles, Mr. Phelps,

Mr. Swaine, Mr. Warde.

It is ordered y* Mr. Frances Stiles shall teach Geo. Chappie,

Tho : Coopr & Tho : Barber his servaunts in the trade of a

Carpenter accordinge to his pi'mise for there s'^vice of their

* [In margin] Tlie Riuefstt on the other side by the Indians is called Podanke.



terme behinde 4 dayes in a weeke onelie to sawe & slitt their owne worke that they are to frame themselves w^^ their owne hands togeather w^h himself or some other M^ workmen, the tyme to begin for the p^formance of this order 14 dayes hence wt^out faile.

It is ordered y* every Juryman shall haue sixe pence for every accon that is given to them vppon evidence, to bee paide by him the Accon goes against.

The first day of May, 1637, Gen'^all Corte att Harteford. Mr. Ludlowe, Mr. Wells, Mr. Swaine, Mr. Steele, Mr.

Phelps, Mr. Warde. Comittees. Mr. Why tinge, Mr. Webster, Mr. Willms, Mr. Hull, Mr. Chaplin, Mr. Talcott, Mr. Hosford, Mr. Mychell, Mr. Sherman.

It is ordered that there shalbe an offensiue warr ag* the Pequoitt, and that there shalbe 90 men levied out of the 3 Plan-, tacons, Harteford, Weathersfeild & Windsor (vizt) out of Harteford 42, Windsor 30, Weathersfeild 18 : vnder the Com- ande of Captaine Jo : Mason & in Case of death or sicknes vnder the Coinand of Rob'te Seely Leif*, & the'ldest S^ieant or military officer survivinge, if both these miscary.

It is ordered that Harteford shall send 14 Armour in this de- signe, Windsor 6.

It is ordered that there shalbe \^^ of good beare for the Cap- taine 6t M"" & sick men, if there be only 3 or 4 gallons of stronge water, 2 gallons of sacke.

It is ordered that Windsor shall p^uide 60 bushells of Come, Harteford 84 bushells, Weathersfeild 36 bushells, of this each plantacon to bake in biskett the on half if by any meanes they cann, the rest in grounde meale. Weathersfeild tenn bushells to bee allowed vppon Accompt.

Harteford is to p^'uide 3 firkins of suett, 2 firkins of Butter, wth yt att Rivers mouth, 4 bushells of Oatemeale, 2 bushells of Pease, 500 of fish, 2 bushells of salt ; Weathersfeild 1 bushell of Indian Beanes ; Windsor 50 peeces of Porke, SO^^ of Rice, 4 Cheeses.


It is ordered that every souldier shall cary w^^ him I'b pouder, 4^^ of shott, 20 bulletts ; 1 barell of Powder from the Riuers mouth, [a light] Gunn if they cann.

[It is ordered] y* Mr. Pincheons shallopp shalbe taken to be imployed [in this desi]gne.

[5] June 2*^, 1637. A Generall Corte att Harteford.

It is ordered yt there shalbe sent forth 30 men out of the seu^'all plantacons in this River of Conectecott to sett downe in the Pequoitt Countrey & River in place convenient to mayn- teine o^^ right y* God by Conquest hath given to vs, & Leiftenn* Seely shall haue the Comande of them. The men are to be raised 14 out of Harteford, tenn out of Windsor, 6 out of Wyth- eresfeild.

It is ordered y* 60 bushells of Corne shal be p^uided for the designe aboues^, Windsor 20, Harteford 28, Wythersfeild 12, Ihh of Pease, 2 bushells of Oatemeale, 150 pounde of Beefe, sol'' of Butter, (vizt) Windsor 30, Wythersfeild 30, Harteford 20, fish.

26 June, 1637, Harteford GenJ'all Corte.

It is ordered that 10 men more shalbe levied out of the plan- tacons aforesaide to goe in the designe ag* the Pequoitts as an adition to the form^" 30, (vizt) 5 out of Harteford, Windsor 3, Weathersfeild 2.

It is ordered y* Mr. Haine & Mr. Ludlowe shall goe to the mouth of the River to treate & Conclude w^h o' frendes of the Bay either to joine w^h their forces in prsecutinge o' designe against o' enemies or if they see cause by aduise to interprise any Accon accordinge to the force we haue. And to parle w^^ the bay aboute o"^ settinge downe in the Pequoitt Countrey.

It is ordered y* there shalbe 1 hogg p^vided att Wythers- feild for the designe in hande, W^^ is conceiued to be Nathan- iell Footes, 20ib of Butter, half C of Cheese; Harteford 201^ of Butter, half hundred of Cheese ; Windsor 1 Ram goate, 201'' of Butter, half C of Cheese, 1 gallon of stronge Water ; Harteford 1 C of beefe from Mr. Whittinge, Windsor 3 bushells of mault, ■2 from Wythersfeild, Mr. Wells 2.

of connecticut. 11

Harteford. Generall Cort, Tuesday, Nov: 14^^, 1637. Mr. Haines, Mr. Ludlowe, Mr. Wells, Mr. Phelps, Mr. Swaine, Mr. Mychell, Mr. Hull, Mr. Whytinge, Capt : Mason, Mr. Warde, Goodman Smith, Goodma Bacon.

It is ordered that every common souldier that went in the iate designe against o"" enemies the Pequoites shall have Is. 3d. p^ day for theire service at sixe dayes to the weeke, the Sergants 20d p'' day, the Leiftenant 205. p'' weeke, the Capt" 405. p^" weeke, any man that was publiquely imployed in the said service and dyet themselves shall have 2s. -p^ day ; and that the saide pay- ment shalbe for a moneth although in strictnes there was but three weekes and 3 dayes due ; such as did returne from the Forte and never went in the seruice to bee allowed but for 12 dayes.

It is ordered that the pay in the second designe shalbe the same with the former, and the tyme a month as abouesayde.

Harteford. Febr. 1637. Mr. Haynes, Mr. Ludlowe, Mr. Wells, Mr. Plum, Mr. Mychell, Capt : Mason, pi'sent.

Whereas vppon serious Consideracon wee conceiue that the plantacons in this River wilbe in some want of Indian Corne, And on the same Consideracon wee conceiue if every man may be at liberty to trucke with the Indians vppon the River where the supply of Corne in all likeliwood is to bee had to furnish c necessities, the market of Corne amonge the Indians may be greatly advanced to the preiudice of these plantacons, wee therefore thinke meete and doe soe order that noe man in this River nor Agawam shall goe vpp River amonge the Indians or at home at theire houses to trade for Corne or make any Con- tract or bargaine amonge them for corne either privately or publiquely vppon the paine of 5^. for every bushell that hee or they shall soe tr[ade] or contract for ; this order to endure vntill the next Generall Courte and vlP[till] the Courte take other order to the contrary, and at the saide generall Courte there wilbe a setled order in the thing.


It is ordered that there shalbe a prticular Courte on the first Tuesday of M[ay] at Harteford, and that then Mr. Olda busi- nesses and John Jesopps are to be handled, therefore the sev- erall Creditors are then to come and make their claime.

It is ordered that Mr. Clement Chaplin shalbe Treasurer for this next yeare to Collect and gather such Rates as are now to [6] be levied in the seve[rall] || plantacons, and that there shalbe vnder Collectors to whom the said Mr. Treasurer may direct his Warrants in every plantacon, and that the said Treasurer may giue order to the said Collectors to pay the severall bills of theire plantacons and give it in Accompte to the said Mr. Treas- urer, and after the bills be paide to returne in the rest to the said Mr. Treasurer : the collectors are, for Harteford Willm Wadsworth, Windsor Henry Wolcott the elder, and Andrew Warde for Wethersfeild and John Bur for Agawam.

It is ordered there shalbe forthwith a levey of sixe hundred and twenty poundes to be levied for to defray the charges of the late designes of warrthatis already past, Aggawam 86/. 16s, Windsor 158/. 2s, Harteford 251/. 2s, Wethersfeild 124/. The payment to be made either in monney, in Wampum at fower a penny, or in good and marchantable beaver at 9s. pr pounde.

It is ordered that there shalbe generall notice giuen in all the plantacons that if there be any Arm'', gones, swordes, belts, Bandilers, kittles, pottes, tooles, or any thinges els that belonges to the commonwealth, that were lost, landed or leafte in any plantacons, they are to be delivered into the handes of the saide Constables of the said townes, and the said Constables to bring them to the next Courte at Harteford, and if after the said no- tice there be any thinges found in any mans house or custody, it concerning the said Commonwealth, they shalbe subiect to the sensure of the Courte for their* tenure or con-


It is ordered y* the generall Courte now in being shalbe dis- solved and there is noe more attendance of the members thereof to be expected except they be newly chosen in the next gen^

erali Courte.


*This blank in the original.


8to die Mn'i, 1637.


Mr. Haines, Mr. Ludlowe, Mr. Pincheon, Mr. Welles,

Mr. Plum, Mr. Phelpes, Mr. Mychell, Mr. Smith. Committees : Capt: Mason, Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Steele, Mr. Talkott, Mr. Webster, Mr. Hull, Mr. Ford, Tho: Mar- shall, Adr : Warde, Geo : Hubberd, Jo : Gibbes. Thurston Raynr absent. Thurston Raynor being chosen a Committee for the Towne of Wethersfeild being now absent is fined I5, to be forthwith paide.

Whereas Mr. Pincheon was questioned aboute imprisoning an Indian at Aggawam, whipping an Indian and freeing of him, the Courte is willing to passe over Mr. Plumms failings against an Indian.

It is ordered with the consent of Mr. Pincheon that thesaide Mr. Pyncheon will deliver att Harteford goods Marchantable Indian Corne att 5.s. p"" bushell as farr as 500 bushells will goe at, if hee can save by that, for the residue hee is to have 5s. 2d. p'' bushell, provided also that that proporcon that Windsor is to have shalbe landed there at Mr. Ludlowes, for that proporcon that Wethersfeild is to have they are to fetch it att Harteford. In consideracon whereof the is a restrainte of any to goe vpp the River to trade with the Indians for Corne ; as alsoe if any Indians bring downe any Corne to vs wee are not to exceede 45. pr bushell ; as alsoe in case of necessity that any family or fam- ilyes doe complaine of present necessities they are to repaire to 3 magistrates which may advise them for the supply, although it be to the dispensing with this order ; prouided alsoe that if the said Mr. Pincheon bee inforced to raise the price with the Indians of sixe sixes of Wampom a pecke then the plantacons are to increase the pay of 5s. p'' bushell, if he can