Lord’s Day 40 Themes and Divisions


T. Van Raalte


To walk with the living Lord of life we must uphold the life he’s given others


  1. Whoever hates his brother walks with Satan in the darkness of death
  2. Whoever loves his brother walks with God in the light of life
  3. Whoever walks with his Lord Jesus can walk in love for others


G. Van Popta


Be pro-life


  1. The Lord God has created life
  2. You must care for your own life
  3. You must care for your neighbour’s life


W. Bredenhof


The gospel leads Christians to honour and protect life


We’ll see that we have:


  1. A Saviour whose life rescues us from death
  2. A Spirit whose guidance directs us away from death


C. Stam


The commandment of the Lord that we are to consider life as a sovereign gift of God


  1. With respect to our environment
  2. With respect to our fellow men
  3. With respect to ourselves


B. Holwerda


Love and justice in society


The love of the sixth commandment is a love that:


  1. Confesses the restoration of justice
  2. Maintains justice
  3. Desires the fulfillment of justice


C. Bouwman


The God of life treasures life


  1. What is murder?
  2. What is commanded?


The Creator of life gives and takes life in his time and manner


  1. Why people may not terminate life
  2. What people need to do with life


The God of life hates murder and demands love


  1. Why we may not murder
  2. Why we must love


R. H. Bremmer


The depth of God’s requirement in the sixth commandment


That comes into focus as we look at:


  1. How God discovers us here in our guilt
  2. How God points out to us the way of redemption
  3. How God sets before our eyes our task in society


K. Dijk


What do I do with my life?


  1. Do I see it as a gift of God?
  2. Do I see it as a mandate from God?