Lordís Day 24 Themes and Divisions


C. Stam


The confession concerning the measure of divine standards in the Kingdom of Heaven.


  1. The measure of merit
  2. The measure of grace
  3. The measure of faith


K. Dijk


Not out of works


  1. Because Christ has accomplished everything
  2. Because our works accomplish nothing


Our righteousness and holiness


  1. First it comes forth from the source
  2. Second it follows as the necessary consequence


J. Kok


The place of our good works in our relationship with God


  1. The ineptness of our good works for reconciliation
  2. The reward of good works out of grace
  3. The root of good works in Christ


Not justified through works!


  1. According to the demand of Godís law
  2. In the light of Godís promise
  3. With the eye on Godís Christ.


Only out of grace.


  1. Our righteousness
  2. Our reward
  3. Our fruits


W. Bredenhof


Donít trust in your own good works, for they are the fruit and not the root of your salvation.


  1. The ineptness of your good works
  2. The reward of your good works
  3. The inevitability of your good works


G. VanPopta


The place of good works in the life of a Christian


  1. Good works and the law
  2. Good works and Godís grace
  3. Good works and true faith


C. Bouwman


Because of Godís grace in Christ, we need not seek to impress God.


  1. The value of good works
  2. The link between good works and reward
  3. The inevitability of good works


R.H. Bremmer


The proof of the gospel of free grace


We see that:


  1. With our faith
  2. With our hope
  3. With our love


B. Holwerda


Justification in Christ:


  1. is the judgment over our good works
  2. is the source of our good works
  3. brings the reward on our good works.