Themes on Lordís Day 21




The work of the Holy Spirit in Godís church


1.      Christ gathers the church through him

2.      He builds in her the communion of saints

3.      He gives her the forgiveness of sins


R. Bredenhof


ďI belong to Christís community of the forgiven.Ē


1.      Christís grace and my comfort

2.      Christís gifts and my calling


G. VanPopta


The Son of God gathers his church, a community of forgiven sinners.


1.      The Gatherer

2.      The Gathering

3.      The Forgiven


C. Bouwman


God the Holy Spirit gathers Christís redeemed into one body.


1.      The holy catholic church

2.      The communion of saints

3.      The forgiveness of sins


B. Holwerda


Outside the church there is no salvation


Because the church:


1.      Is the gathering of Christ

2.      Is the communion of saints

3.      Possesses the forgiveness of sins


K. Dijk


The confession of the church as the house of God.


1.      Who builds this house

2.      How he builds this house

3.      Why he builds this house


The church as Godís work


1.      The work of the Father

2.      The work of the Son

3.      The work of the Holy Spirit


We confess the beauty of the church


1.      In her unity

2.      In her holiness

3.      In her catholicity

4.      In her Christ-likeness


J. Kok


Godís hidden work of grace


1.      In the beauty of the church

2.      In the power of the communion of saints

3.      In the certainty of the forgiveness of sins


The work of the Son of God through the Holy Spirit


1.      In the world

2.      In the church

3.      In the heart of his people


Three names for the Son of God


1.      Shepherd (QA 54)

2.      Head (QA 55)

3.      Surety (QA 56)


The Church and Christ


1.      The church confesses him as her only Head

2.      The church finds in him alone her unity

3.      The church holds him firmly as her only righteousness.